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for fan who wanna catch em' all
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One Person - Full Body Traditional
One character, full body, done on paper
Two People - Half Body Traditional
Two characters, half body, traditional. Can be used for half-body shipping pics.
Shippings - Traditional
Character pairings, traditional.
OC x Character - Traditional
Fanart for your OC and your desired character. You must submit to me a picture of your oc.
Crossover - Traditional
Crossovers of different series! This costs a bit more because it's a little more difficult. Please send 100 points for every extra character separately.

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Blue doms Silver :iconkrysalkasi:KrysalKasi 1 0
ChosenShipping - Halloween by KrysalKasi ChosenShipping - Halloween :iconkrysalkasi:KrysalKasi 8 0 Pokemon Special OC - Opal Akiyama by KrysalKasi Pokemon Special OC - Opal Akiyama :iconkrysalkasi:KrysalKasi 13 3 Jezebella Kemp - Pokemon OC by KrysalKasi Jezebella Kemp - Pokemon OC :iconkrysalkasi:KrysalKasi 8 0 PokeSpe Shipping Meme by KrysalKasi PokeSpe Shipping Meme :iconkrysalkasi:KrysalKasi 2 0 ChosenShipping - Fun Teaser by KrysalKasi
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Goodbye Petrel :iconkrysalkasi:KrysalKasi 1 0
Draw This Again! Meme by KrysalKasi
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Draw This Again! Meme :iconkrysalkasi:KrysalKasi 0 0
Never Shower at Green's House- 2016 Redrawn by KrysalKasi
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Never Shower at Green's House- 2016 Redrawn :iconkrysalkasi:KrysalKasi 0 1


Ariel, popplio, corphish, luvdisc by logancure Ariel, popplio, corphish, luvdisc :iconlogancure:logancure 1,050 35 Love Meme by Lo-chwan Love Meme :iconlo-chwan:Lo-chwan 1,037 78 Feelingshippingness Love Meme by awesomeshadow773 Feelingshippingness Love Meme :iconawesomeshadow773:awesomeshadow773 17 6 Lightning Yellow [Color] by PrettySoldierPetite Lightning Yellow [Color] :iconprettysoldierpetite:PrettySoldierPetite 13 0 CE : Firefly Magic by TrainerAshandRed35 CE : Firefly Magic :icontrainerashandred35:TrainerAshandRed35 74 8 Stamp: ChosenShipping by Jeshika-Haruno Stamp: ChosenShipping :iconjeshika-haruno:Jeshika-Haruno 140 105 nice catch nerd by qxiu nice catch nerd :iconqxiu:qxiu 38 10 GaryXMisty Page 10 by TrainerAshandRed35 GaryXMisty Page 10 :icontrainerashandred35:TrainerAshandRed35 40 21 Let's Go Home by DexterTerrell Let's Go Home :icondexterterrell:DexterTerrell 2 0 Abril Sketchit (OC) by Nakiroe Abril Sketchit (OC) :iconnakiroe:Nakiroe 26 23 Silver by StarRockie Silver :iconstarrockie:StarRockie 221 50 Black by StarRockie Black :iconstarrockie:StarRockie 156 15 Make a Wish by chyndea Make a Wish :iconchyndea:chyndea 156 11 Head and Heart - Limited Print by DestinyBlue Head and Heart - Limited Print :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 4,086 87 Can't Let Go by DestinyBlue Can't Let Go :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 5,256 169 Self Care by DestinyBlue Self Care :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 6,881 232


by Nieris

This one caught my eye for sure. It looks great, and well painted. Your colors look great too, and I just can't help but to fall in lov...

by Nieris

I think that this is pretty well done. The effects are nice, and it is a cute drawing. Though I am not so fond of the art style much, b...



I have an instagram! Username on there is KrysalKasi
Feeling so down today that I can't even draw.
SecondaryShipping Mid-hug
It's been a LONG time since I have drawn and completed some SecondaryShipping fanart! Anyways, I drew this for a really close friend of mine for his birthday, he is a big fan of this pairing! Ahhh this pairing is so cute, and quite underrated!

Sorry if Silver's hand looks awkward, this is supposed to be them about to hug.

Green and Silver do not belong to me, they are from Pokemon, and Pokemon belongs to Game Freak.
Project Rainbow is a project for a Pokemon group I am forming, and I would like to get help with bringing awareness to it, ideas on putting it together, and help with running it. 

We plan to have a Pokemon League associated with this group, tournaments with real life prizes, giveaways, and other features. Also, suggestions are welcome and wanted.

If you are interested in joining Project Rainbow, feel free to message me. We have a Tumblr blog, a Discord server, and a Facebook Group. 

Tumblr: pokemon-rainbow-resort.tumblr.…
Facebook Group:…

I am looking for administrators for the discord server and facebook group, and I'm always looking for people to help post to the Tumblr blog, so once again, if you are interested, either leave a comment, or PM me! Any help, or interest in membership is wanted. 
1. Your current shipping obsession? 
ChosenShipping <3 ChosenShipping forever
Also TeaShipping

2. Favorite shipping/s involving Red?
MangaPokeShipping, ScarletJewelShipping

3. Favorite shipping/s involving Green?

4. Favorite shipping/s involving Blue?
ChosenShipping, WristShipping

5. Favorite shipping/s involving Yellow?
FeelingShipping, HealthShipping

6. Favorite shipping/s involving Gold?
EyewearShipping, WildsideShipping

7. Favorite shipping/s involving Silver?
ChosenShipping, SpecialJewelShipping, SecondaryShipping

8. Favorite girl x girl shipping/s?
WristShipping (Blue x Sabrina)
TreeStarsShipping (Crystal x Sapphire)

9. Favorite guy x guy shipping/s?
SecondaryShipping (Green x Silver)
EyewearShipping (Gold x Ruby)
RaltsShipping (Ruby x Wally)

10. Favorite human x Pokémon shipping/s?
No. Fuck off.

11. Favourite Pokémon x Pokémon shipping/s?
Pika x Chuchu, I guess

13. Favourite crossover shipping/s?

14. The first shipping that you supported?

15. How many shippings do you support now and have liked before?
A lot

16. First unnamed shipping you named?
The only ships I named are gameverse:
StrongerThanLooks (Wally x Lyra)
DaddyMommyIssues (Silver x Lillie)
AquaMonkey (Cress x Shelly)  

17. Shipping/s that you support which you made a fanfic out of?
SecondaryShipping (Removed a long time ago because it made me cringe with the OOC)
ChosenShipping (Love and Loathe - Hurt/Comfort, leads to lemon)
TeaShipping (Got a 100 on it in English class. Removed it because I want to change it)

18. Shipping/s that you think you're the only one who supports it?
HealthShipping (Wally x Yellow)
MangaNewRivalShipping (Wally x Sapphire)
CuringShipping (Wally x Crystal)
SnowLilyShipping (Hau x Lillie) (actually a gameverse ship)

19. Shipping/s which you were surprised to know that other people also supported it?
TeaShipping, SecondaryShipping

20. Shipping/s that you support which influenced other people into supporting it?
TeaShipping (Bill x Daisy)
ViaShipping (Celio x Lanette)

21. Favorite pedo shipping/s?
To all people who clearly don't understand what pedo is: ChosenShipping isn't freaking pedo -_- it's only 3 1/2 years apart

Anyways, none. I think pedo ships are creepy.

22. Favorite het shipping/s?
ChosenShipping, TeaShipping, FeelingShipping

23. Favorite incest shipping/s?
Hell no.

24. Favorite manga shipping/s?
You already read them all.

25. Shipping/s that you used to like but got annoyed because of the fanbase?
SoulSilverShipping ... I was also annoyed that people seemed to forget Kris (at least Crystal doesn't get replaced in the manga)
LuckyShipping - Mostly because of a certain LuckyShipper many of us know on here, and for the LuckyShippers that cry "Special and OldRival fans only ship by default" How about Special and OldRival fans can ship whatever they want and you ship what you want? (This doesn't apply to all Lucky fans, I do know some great fans of LuckyShipping)

26. Shipping/s that you really despise no matter how you look at it?
OldRivalShipping - I just don't see a lot of chemistry between them. It bores me. 
LuckyShipping - Fanbase is part of the reason, but I just really find it bland now and I prefer MangaPoke
PreciousMetal - I just don't see them having any feelings for each other at all.
GrantedShipping - I really don't understand why this is shipped, and I do not see Yellow and Lance ever having romantic feelings for each other.
MasterShipping - I despise this more than PreciousMetal. I don't see Lance and Silver having those kinds of feelings at all.

27. Shipping/s that you started to like after reading a fanfic?
Mm...None prior to shipping, I don't think.

28. Shipping/s that you started to like after seeing fanarts of it?

29. Shipping/s that your friends support which also influenced you to support it?

30. Popular shipping/s that just doesn't have any appeal to you at all?
OldRival, Frantic, PreciousMetal, FerrisWheel

31. Favorite Minor Character x Main Character shipping?
MangaNewRivalShipping (Sapphire x Wally)
HealthShipping (Yellow x Wally)
CuringShipping (Crystal x Wally)
BlackenedPearlShipping (Pearl x Marley)

32. Favorite Minor Character x Minor Character shippings?
TeaShipping (Bill x Daisy)
ViaShipping (Celio x Lanette)
VolcanoShipping (Tabitha x Flannery)

33. Favorite canon shippings?
Frantic is the only canon ship and I dislike it.

34. Shipping/s that your circle of friends supports, but you don't?
OldRival, Lucky, Frantic, PreciousMetal

36. What year did you started to get into the shipping fandom of PokeSpe?
Like 2014 or 2015?

37. Do you think your taste for PokeSpe shippings has changed from the year you started?
Slightly. I actually used to hate ChosenShipping but it grew on me and became my OTP <3

38. Are you fine with one shipping going against the other shipping?
I guess? Idk

39. A shipping you like that doesn't have a fanart/fanfic yet, which you wish would have one?

40. Shipping/s which you think are gay?
EyeWearShipping? I guess.

41. Shipping/s that you think should never had existed in the first place?
All pedo and incest ships

42. Which character do you think is the most pair-able?
Yellow, and Wally.

43. How long did it take you to finish this survey?

44. Do you even remember the time you started?
sometime after 1 AM

45. Do you wish to kill the person who created this survey?
Nah lol

46. The survey's over! If you have any final comments, say them now!
ChosenShipping is great, and just because they were like brother and sister in GSC doesn't mean their feelings can't change! Their love is true love! <3
  • Listening to: Nathan Sharp
  • Reading: Pokemon Special BW
  • Watching: King of the Hill
  • Playing: Pokemon Moon
  • Eating: Dry Ramen
  • Drinking: Champagne


KrysalKasi's Profile Picture
Kasi Parker
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Kasi, I am 18 years old! My dream is to one day become a game artist!

Favorite Game Characters:
Luigi (Mario Series)
Daisy (Mario Series)
Green (male) (Pokemon)
Cress (Pokemon)
Silver (Pokemon)
Blue (female) (Pokemon)
Frey (Rune Factory 4)
Vishnal (Rune Factory 4)
Lest (Rune Factory 4)
Vio (LoZ: Four Swords)
Shadow (LoZ: Four Swords)

Blue Stamp by kalot3000 secondaryshipping icons yes by WolfieButts F2U stamp: Wally from Pokemon (ORAS) by Aqua-Spirit22 Pokemon: Cavaliershipping by Vulpixi-Stamps

.:Secondary Stamp V3:. by Miss--Liberty Shadow x Vio_Stamp by Tari-Ringeril Silver by SK-Stamps Colosseumshipping by Vulpixi-Stamps

PKM: Rival Trainers Stamp by Nozuki Yellow by SK-Stamps X-ChosenShipping-Stamp-X by liliebiehlina3siste Stamp| She needs more love| by CrystalisZelda

x-Indigo-Blue-Stamp-x by liliebiehlina3siste x-Indigo-Mitsuru-Stamp-x by liliebiehlina3siste Anti-DeCoPo incest by SA948-Stamps GeekChicShipping by Marlenesstamps

Anti Incest by Cressalys Wha-hey, More Flamebait by Mintaka-TK :Gay Rights: by Minty-Hippo Stamp - PKMN Silver Version by kaitoupirate

Normal-Type Stamp by Yenshin Green.:Stamp:. by ForbiddenchasmX Blue.:Stamp:. by ForbiddenchasmX Dawn stamp by SA948-Stamps

Gary and Eevee fan STAMP by diamond-in-the-ruff tLoZ Stamp by antnkrlz stamp - zelda's doing it right by Daeg-Niht Cress stamp by SA948-Stamps

Feelingshipping.:Stamp:. by ForbiddenchasmX Mangapokeshipping.:Stamp:. by ForbiddenchasmX X-TeaShipping-Stamp-X by liliebiehlina3siste Bianca stamp by SA948-Stamps

X-CommonerShipping-Stamp-X by liliebiehlina3siste (Request) Anti Amourshipping Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Shadow Pokemon :Stamp: by Veonara Kris Stamp by S-Laughtur

Stamp - Pokeshipping by Pokefan181 Stamp : ChosenShipping by LeafyBear Misty Fan Stamp by okinsei SMB: Luigi x Daisy by Reykholtz

Umbreon stamp by Dametora Misty's Butt Stamp by okinsei Pokemon Adventures by SK-Stamps Anti Sonamy stamp by migueruchan

[Stamp] Green+silver [PKMN] by Nathy-Marisson Iris stamp by SA948-Stamps WishfulShipping stamp by SA948-Stamps Anti SonAmy - Not Anti Amy by SA948-Stamps

Sonally is my OTP by Chili-DogLove Dipper x Pacifica stamp by LuigiandAmyfan Hilda Stamp by SapphireRose-chan Rosa Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps

I love playing Nintendo games by KittyJewelpet78 I Think I've Just Remembered Why I Stay Away... by Mintaka-TK There is no fucking difference between the two! by Little-rolling-bean Specialjewelshipping Stamp by The-Sprite-Lady


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